55 Top Job Search Experts To Follow On Twitter

by Meg Guiseppi on February 8, 2011

Twitter Wallpaper - Vector Redo Don’t have time for Twitter? Think it has no value?

One very good reason to dive into Twitter if you’re in executive job search, or think you may be soon, is to learn about today’s challenging job search landscape from the experts, by following them and listening.

. . . Even if you do nothing else with Twitter.

Many, many careers industry professionals tweet regularly and offer tips and resources on job search and career management. They know how the new world of job search works and share their considerable knowledge. They’re writing about personal/executive branding, career management, networking, recruiting, resume writing, interviewing, blogging, social media, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, social networking . . . every aspect of job search.

It’s almost like getting free mini-consultations with these experts. Free professional advice . . . what could be better?

Here are some of my favorite job search Twitter folks, in no particular order. There are many, many others:




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