Advance Your Career With A to Z Personal Branding

by Meg Guiseppi on March 16, 2017

Personal branding is no longer optional in executive job search.

Those who take the time to dig deep and differentiate the unique value they offer their target employers typically land faster . . . in jobs that are a better fit.

I’ve laid out 10 steps I use to help my executive clients define their personal brand . . . and make it memorable.

Seth Price and Barry Feldman went further and created a stunning infographic, Personal Branding A to Z, that expands upon the basics, and supports their book, The Road to Recognition.

Although they are business marketing experts, most of Seth and Barry’s 26 personal branding milestones, from A to Z, are critical elements for both business and job search personal branding.

I advise my clients that running a successful executive job search is much the same as running a successful business.

Both are all about targeting a specific audience, researching their current needs (or pain points), positioning yourself as the candidate (or provider) best qualified to help them meet those needs, and branding yourself around those qualifications.

The few items here that are specific to business marketing may not quite apply to your job search, but are likely to prompt other strategies that will accomplish similar results.

Be creative as you follow these A to Z guidelines:

Personal Branding A to Z

A is for Authenticity – Understand your brand’s all about the real you.

B is for Blog – Build your personal brand with a blog.

C is for Content – Create content to connect with your audience.

D is for Design – Design a smart and stylish identity.

E is for Email – Establish and expand a list of email subscribers.

F is for Followers – Grow a following and lead the conversion.

G is for Google – Assess how the world sees you.

H is for Helping – Offer what you can, whenever you can.

I is for Influencers – Look up and connect with the people you look up to.

J is for Joining – Join communities where ideas are incubated.

K is for Keywords – Position your personal brand with some choice words.

L is for LinkedIn – Master the personal branding epicenter of the Internet.

M is for Media – Channel your energy into the right channels.

N is for Network – Connect with professionals – and with a purpose.

O is for Offers – Offers your visitors great value – for free.

P is for Podcast – Turn on a mic and say what’s on your mind.

Q is for Questions – Ask your audience to join the conversation.

R is for Recognizing Others – Point to the people that empower you.

S is for Speaking – Get in front of an audience.

T is for Target – Develop keen insights of your target market.

U is for Unique – Identify your unique value proposition.

V is for Video – Look into the lens and engage viewers.

W is for Website – Construct a home on the web in your name.

X is for eXamine – Keep close tabs on your progress.

Y is for “You Do” – Make a plan to achieve your personal branding goals.

Z is for Zeal – Let no roadblock slow you down.

Executive Job Search and Personal Branding Help

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Take a look at the services I offer, how my process works and what differentiates my value-offer . . . then get in touch with me and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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