Best Executive Job Interviewing Strategies

by Meg Guiseppi on December 18, 2009

executive-interviewingAre you in the thick of interviewing or is the prospect looming in your near future? How do you feel about it?

Just the thought of interviewing can make even the most seasoned senior executive quake.

Don’t despair. I’ve written several blog posts that should help and listed them here, along with advice from other corners of the web:

How To Nail Executive Job Interviews

Resources to help you practice and get comfortable with the classic questions and others you can expect to be asked.

How to be a LOSER in Executive Job Interviews

Find out what recruiters and hiring decision makers say turns them off the most in interviews.

Leveraging C-A-R Storytelling for Executive Branding and Job Search

A step-by-step strategy to create career “success stories” to interject at interviews that will evidence your promise of value to potential employers.

Free e-Book on Successful Interviewing by recruiter Jeff Lipschultz

Great tips from an expert on taking ownership and acing the interview.

What NOT To Do in a Senior-level Executive Job Interview

10 interview behaviors that can kill your chances.

You Know You Flunked the Job Interview When…

Have you ever said or done something in an interview that you knew tipped the scales against you? Here are a few pitfalls to avoid from recruiter Harry Urschel.

Mastering the C-level Executive Interview

Leverage the value of your softer skills in interviews to generate the kind of chemistry that will position you as a good fit for the right organization.

2,000 Interview Questions

From, a monster list of interview questions organized by topics, including Achievement, Goals, Leadership, Compensation, Organization, Loyalty, Stress/Environment and much more. Note: scroll down to the bottom of the web page to find the question categories.


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