Best Executive Resume Writing Tips for 2014

by Meg Guiseppi on December 23, 2013

Alison Doyle of recently put out a call through their LinkedIn Group for resume writing tips for the new year, to help you get noticed and land your next great gig.

Among the top tips from 15 careers experts, Sara Sutton Fell, Founder & CEO of, contributed one on matching your resume to your LinkedIn profile, for social proof:

“Make sure your resume is online! Once you have your perfect document in place, update your LinkedIn profile so it matches, include your job information on Facebook and Twitter, start an page, or create a professional blog for yourself where your resume information can be posted. When employers search for you online (and they will!), it will be a tremendous help to make it easy for them to find the same information confirming what they’re reading on your resume.”

And here’s the complete tip I contributed, which was abridged for space constraints on

To outdistance your job-seeking competitors, follow this best practice to begin your 2014 job hunt . . . before writing your resume.

Make a list of 10-15 (or more) mutual good-fit employers to target. Do research on them to determine what makes you uniquely qualified to help them meet their current challenges, for market intelligence, and to uncover relevant keywords and phrases.

Use this information to create content for your personal brand messaging and career marketing materials (resume, biography, LinkedIn profile, etc.) that will resonate with those target employers.

Your targeted materials will help them see what makes you a good hiring choice. Using the relevant keywords will help recruiters and hiring decision makers find you on LinkedIn. And your research will help you understand how to communicate your value when networking and interviewing.

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