Blogging and Twitter: How Tweet It Is!

by Meg Guiseppi on October 28, 2010

Follow MegGuiseppi on Twitter You get it. You’re a c-level executive or any level executive or rising star or an entrepreneur and you know you should be blogging. So you’re doing it, or thinking about doing it.

Don’t stop there. Don’t limit your social media involvement to just one outlet.

If you’re blogging – on your own blog and/or guest blogging elsewhere – you really should tweet your blog posts.

By integrating tweets and blogging, with very little effort, you can:

  • Increase visibility of your subject matter expertise and thought leadership,
  • Extend your executive brand to a wider audience and deeper into social media,
  • Drive more traffic to your blog,
  • Get a foothold into the world of Twitter, and
  • Position yourself as social media savvy.

Some strategies to bring the two together:

Get a retweet button on your blogsite, if your blogging platform accepts it – makes it super simple for visitors to tweet your posts. I use Tweetmeme.

Pull your Twitter stream into your blogsite (as I’ve done here in the far right sidebar) with a Twitter widget, so visitors can view your tweets on-site. You can do this right from your Twitter account.

Put out a tweet for each new blog post right after publishing. Come back to past blog posts and retweet them at intervals . . . but avoid rapid-fire repetition.

Use the tweets of those you follow as inspiration for new blog posts. One simple idea is to post a weekly or daily round-up of favorite tweets. Another…write a post about a post someone tweeted.

My best advice on blogging and Twitter strategy follows that of super blogger Darren Rowse at ProBlogger:

“While I tweet more often than I post to my blog – my blogs remain my primary focus and what I spend most time building…My use of twitter is something I do as a support to my blogging.

While some people see the strengths of one and the weaknesses of the other as reason to choose between Blogging and Twitter – I’ve come to see the power of using both in tandem.

I can’t stress it enough – the key to success in both mediums is to become the most useful resource that you can to those who you come into contact with online. Solve problems, meet needs, connect with people where they are at and both mediums will come into their own for you.”

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