Does “Personal Branding” Need a Name Change?

by Meg Guiseppi on September 23, 2010

A blogging friend, Ryan Rancatore, generated some provocative comments with his post, Hate “Personal Branding”? Try These 25 Alternatives.

His post is based on a simple query he tweeted to some fellow bloggers in the branding space, “What would you call personal branding if you could give it an alternate name”? in response to a blog post of mine.

Here are a few answers he received:

•  Professional Identity, Career Niche, Professional Brand Marketing — from Heather E. Coleman

•  Promise Building — from Mohammed Al-Taee

•  Career Development, Career Management, Personal Positioning, Reputation Management, Personal Advancement — from Ryan Rancatore

•  Individualization — from Keith McIlvaine

•  Lifestyle Management — from Hajj Flemings

•  Inborn Character Assessment & Management Equals Reputation Advancement (I-CAMERA) — from Melissa Cooley

•  Unique Value Message, Value Promise, Value Differentiation — from me.

What do you think? Would the confusion and disdain cease, and the concept be more readily embraced if personal branding had a different name?

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