Don’t Take a Summer Vacation From Executive Job Search

by Meg Guiseppi on July 30, 2010

Although you may think it’s perfectly fine to take the Summer off, because you mistakenly assume no one is hiring, you may be missing out on the perfect time to position yourself for your next gig, before competition spikes with the mad rush in the Fall.

Now is the time to get your foot in the door, while others are out catching waves and trying to forget about job search.

According to Online Job Search Expert Susan P. Joyce, Publisher of Forbes top-rated Internet employment portal,, the two biggest times job seekers slack off are the holiday season (between Thanksgiving and Christmas) and during the Summer (especially July and August).

In her blog post Summertime: A GREAT Time to Job Hunt!, Susan advises

“If you think of your job search as a sales process, and you really should, one of the best times to try to make a sale is when the competition is the least intense.”

Recruiters and hiring authorities are not “out of the office” over the Summer. They have jobs to fill and they’re sourcing good-fit candidates to slide into them.

You’ll stand out more, with less competition, if you’re networking and connecting with them now, and if your online presence and activities capture their attention.

Stay focused by setting daily agendas, reviewing goals, and moving forward each day. But reward yourself, too. Once you’ve met your agenda each day, take the rest of the day off and take time to recharge. Give yourself permission to take weekends off from everything job search related.

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