Executive Personal Branding and Your LinkedIn Profile FREE e-Book

by Meg Guiseppi on November 26, 2009

LinkedIn & Executive Branding E-book

Click on the link or book cover to download my FREE e-book, “Executive Branding and Your LinkedIn Profile: How to TransformYour Executive Brand, Resume, and Career Biography Into a Winning LinkedIn Profile”.

If you’re a top-level executive, whether or not you’re actively job-hunting, you need to have a strong, branded LinkedIn profile, just to keep pace with the millions of other corporate leaders who do.

According to Jason Alba, LinkedIn expert and author of “I’m on LinkedIn – Now What???”, in an interview over at my Executive Resume Branding Blog:

“If you do NOTHING else, you need to have a LinkedIn Profile and strategy. Your competition (probably younger) is participating in social environments like LinkedIn, and many recruiters depend on LinkedIn to find talent.  If you aren’t there, you aren’t being found, but your competition is.

Also, doesn’t it make sense to understand the current landscape?  Not having a LinkedIn profile or strategy kind of tells me you don’t really care about the current landscape … so what other current things are you going to be behind on?”

Here are just some of the essential LinkedIn profile-building tips you’ll find in the e-book:

♦  Step-by-step instruction on leveraging each section of your profile, from the professional headline down to the often overlooked “Additional Information” section at the bottom.

♦  How to make your professional headline, one of the most critical features of your profile, searchable and keyword rich.

♦  How to capture interest and generate chemistry throughout your profile.

♦  Ideas to stay top of mind with your LinkedIn network by regularly updating the “What Are You Working On?” query that sits at the top of your profile.

♦  How to make your profile 100% complete, so that it is more likely to rise to the top of LinkedIn searches.

♦ What to do with that nifty LinkedIn badge you can capture from your account.

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