Find the Best Executive Resume Writer For You: Where and How to Search

by Meg Guiseppi on October 14, 2013

How to Find and Assess Top Executive Resume Writers, and Personal Branding and Job Search Strategists

Catch up with Parts 1 of this 3-part series here:

Part 1 – Where’s the Value? The Value in Working with a Certified Professional Executive Resume Writer

Part 3 – What Questions Do I Ask? What to Ask When Qualifying Executive Resume Writers, and Personal Branding and Job Search Strategists

[As I noted in Part 1 of this series, when I mention resumes and resume writing here, take that to also include LinkedIn profile creation and writing, and really any job search and personal marketing content writing.]

Now that you’ve decided you need to qualify a few professional resume writers before reaching out to them, where do you start?

Go where the best resume writers hang out – the top professional associations.

Certifications and professional affiliations will not guarantee a great resume writer, but they’re a good place to begin.

Here are top careers industry professional associations whose certifications are legitimate and carry weight. There are others, but these are the most recognized and respected:

  • Career Directors International
  • Reach Personal Branding (the first branding certification organization. Some certified resume writers have augmented their credentials with the Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist designation)
  • Professional Association of Resume Writers
  • National Resume Writers’ Association
  • Resume Writing Academy
  • The Academies
  • Career Management Alliance (no longer operating, but practitioners who earned a CMA credential are likely to be highly qualified)

On each of their websites you’ll find membership directories listing those who are certified, with contact information. Some associations offer more than one certification, and also in job search specializations other than resume writing. You should also find descriptions of what the credentialing processes entail.

The Master Resume Writer credential from any of the professional associations is given only to the very best of the best in the industry.

Certifications do not guarantee a great resume writer. They’re only one of many criteria to consider. But certification certainly does indicate the writer has been assessed by her peers to have met certain criteria – whether basic or advanced. It’s a good starting point.

When you find certified resume writers who look good to you, whether on these sites or the resume writers’ own sites, make sure they actually have the certifications they claim by going back to the association membership directories. Here you may also be able to determine if they specialize in your niche or meet particular requirements of yours.

Now you’ve pre-qualified some executive resume writers. Before deciding which ones to contact, you need to do some research on them, the services they provide, and how they do business.

Assessing Qualifications for Your Executive Resume Writer

Review the websites of each writer on your list.

Go to their websites first for information about the issues that are important to you. If their websites don’t provide what you’re looking for, or they don’t have a website, make a note to talk with them about these issues, if you decide to contact them.

Review their executive resume samples.

If I were looking for a resume writer, I would go no further without getting some indication of the writing quality I can expect from each writer.

Some writers don’t post examples on their websites because they know some people will plagiarize them, but they may be willing to send you one or two fictionalized examples of actual resumes they’ve written. If this is not possible, you may want to ask for a client reference or two.

When looking at sample resumes, see if they give you a feel for who the job seeker is. Does the resume differentiate that person from others doing the same kind of work?

You’ve probably been part of the hiring process and had to review resumes. Do the samples make you want to meet that person? I think it’s understood that the samples should be very well-written and grammatically sound.

Who will be writing your resume?

Will you work directly with the person writing your resume? Will you be able to communicate directly with your writer throughout the process? Or will your project be passed off to an invisible staff writer or subcontractor?

Is personal branding part of the process?

Does their website mention branding? Has the resume writer also earned a personal branding certification from a reputable organization? If you don’t think personal branding is important in executive resumes and job search, check out my blog post, What a Personally Branded Executive Resume Does For You.

Expect a deeper investment of your time and expense for designated personal brand development services.

How does the resume development process work?

→ In person or virtual service, or both?

If meeting in person with your resume writer is important to you, you may be out of luck. So many top professional resume writers work exclusively via phone, email, and the Internet these days, with clients from all over the country or world. But you may be able to find someone to accommodate you.

→ Information mining

Will information be gathered through phone calls or emailed worksheets or both? Will phone consultation(s) with the actual writer, to strategize how to best position you, be part of the process?

→ Turnaround time

This can vary from same day to several weeks or more. Get a clear idea of how long the entire process will take, unless this doesn’t matter to you.

→ Providing your existing resume

Do they request that you send them the resume you have and/or complete an assessment form? If so, please do that and give them an indication of your career target, before contacting them. Give them the chance to review your career history and target job(s) beforehand, so they’ll be prepared for a mutually beneficial initial conversation with you.

→ Supporting Documents

Does this service also craft collateral career marketing documents (targeted cover letters, achievement summary, career biography, leadership initiatives profile, reference and accolades dossier, etc.) to support your requisite executive resume?

What do they offer beyond resume writing?

Does the writer also offer other executive job search services? You may want to collaborate with a writer who is also an executive career strategist and can help you navigate the ins and outs of today’s internet-driven executive job search, or can refer you to specialists for services they don’t offer.

To pre-qualify those resume writers offering Internet job search and career management strategies, first do a Google search on each writer’s name, and see what you find.

How many search results come up for each writer? What does their online footprint look like? Do they even have a web presence?

Take a look at some of the top search results for each resume writer to learn more about them and their level of expertise. Are they publishing relevant articles and thought pieces online? What kind of careers industry recognition do they have?

Are they social media savvy? Do they belong to LinkedIn and/or other business networking sites? Do they blog or guest blog?

Having a healthy web presence will not determine whether someone is a great resume writer. But if you’re looking for someone who can also help you understand today’s executive job search and online strategies, they should be visible online. And, if you want someone to help you build and improve your online identity, you should be sure they know how to do it and are doing it for themselves.

After all, how can someone lead you in the right direction, marketing your promise of value online in a job search, when they’re not building and marketing their own brand and professional promise of value online?

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