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by Meg Guiseppi on August 4, 2011

Getting ready to define or refresh your brand to better communicate what differentiates your ROI value from your job-seeking competitors?

Start by doing some discovery work.

Among a whole host of publications and resources, the folks at Reach Personal Branding (@ReachBranding on Twitter) offer a number of free web-based tools and quizzes that are fun and valuable, including these four:

Online ID calculator

I am digitally distinct! Visit onlineIDCalculator.comDo you know how strong your web presence is? If you’ve never Googled “your name”, or haven’t done it in more than a month or so, you don’t know what people assessing you are finding out about you online. You don’t know whether your online brand is digitally disguised, digitally disastrous, or digitally distinct.

The Online Identity Calculator, which takes about 5 minutes to complete, is a simple tool that helps you make sense of your Google results and gives you advice on how to build a stellar online identity that’s aligned with your real-world personal brand.

When you take the quiz, you’ll be asked to type “your name” in a Google search and note the total number of search results, how many are NOT about you, and how many accurate, on-brand results ARE about you in the first 3 pages.

When you submit your answers, your digital ranking compared to the expected number of accurate results for the career level you chose is revealed – digitally disguised, digitally distinct, or somewhere in between.

360°Reach Personal Brand Assessment

360° Reach is a web-based tool that collects anonymous 360-degree feedback in real time from family, friends, peers, managers, staff, employees, clients, and mentors.

The respondents you choose complete a quick (takes about 10 minutes) online survey to select attributes that describe you, indicate at which skills you excel, note your strengths and weaknesses, and share their opinions through projective exercises.

Soliciting feedback from the people who know your value proposition best provides insights into your reputation and how you are perceived externally.

Once you click on the above link, click on the link for “360°Reach Basic” for a free 15-day password to do your self-assessment and respondents’ assessments of you.

When I work with my c-level executive clients, I offer them the option of 360°Reach Premium, which includes a detailed, customized 20-page report with data analysis, along with 45 days of unlimited access to their 360°Reach account.


How Good a Networker Are You?

Just a few of the questions:

Do you burn bridges when you leave jobs or assignments and never look back?

Do you attend functions where you know you will meet people that you need to know?

Can you state what you do, for whom you do it and how you are different from your peers or competitors in 1 minute?

Do you know how to end conversations comfortably and when to end them?

Do you find clever ways to re-connect and stay in touch with contacts?

How Strong is Your Brand?

A few of the questions you’ll be asked:

Can you state your five most relevant and compelling brand attributes (adjectives that describe you)?

Do you know what those around you would say is your greatest strength?

Do you know how your self-perceptions differ from the perceptions of those around you?

Can you clearly describe your target audience – those people who need to know about you so that you can achieve your goals?

Do you belong to at least two social networking sites (i.e. LinkedIn, Facebook)?

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