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“Expecting to land a great opportunity with just a resume with prior job experiences is like taking a rowboat to the moon. Put the oars down. Meg’s personal branding strategy is the rocket ship that will actually get you where you want to go.”
— Chief Strategy Officer client

Does this describe you?

You’ve been forced into a career move . . . or you’re considering a transition . . . or you’re actually mired in a job search that’s going nowhere or moving way too slow, and …

You think a recruiter will easily slide you into your next gig, just the way it happened in the past.

You either didn’t need an executive resume and career biography to land your last job or two, or it’s been years since you updated them and your other career marketing documents.

You don’t realize that most recruiters and hiring decision makers now search the Web for people like you when vetting candidates and that without a strong, brand-solid online presence, you are probably invisible to them.

 You’re lost when it comes to grasping the importance of personal branding and online brand identity-building — critical pieces in running a successful search campaign.

 You’re a pretty decent face-to-face networker, but you don’t have a clue about online social networking.

What you don’t know can sabotage your executive job search.

You may have found that executive job search today can be a daunting, difficult journey. It just doesn’t work the way it did even a few years ago.

With more qualified candidates often competing for fewer jobs − and the impact of the digital age − finding a good-fit job requires focus, hard work and new strategies.

Many of the executives I encounter need help understanding best practices for today’s executive job search, how to overcome their own specific job search and career challenges, and what specific steps they need to take to meet their career goals.

I’ve found that most executives dive into a search without first understanding how today’s executive job search works.

They do what intuitively seems to be the best thing. They hit the job boards hard, because that’s where all the jobs are, right?

They quickly put together a generic resume that will cover all the bases, and then quickly send it out to every job board posting that even remotely looks like a good fit.

They hobble together a bare-bones LinkedIn profile with minimal content and no clear focus.

For many, that’s the extent of their job search efforts. They spend the vast majority of their time on the job boards − a job search method that yields perhaps a 20% success rate!

It’s been widely reported that about 80% of jobs are landed through networking!

But that’s not the only reason networking trumps any other job search method.

An article in the Fiscal Times cites research published by the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis:

“Workers who landed jobs through networking earned on average 6 percent more than those who found jobs through direct contact with employers.”

Yet most executive job seekers neglect, or under-utilize, purposeful networking, because they’re not prepared to do it well. They lack focus and can’t communicate their unique ROI.

Stop spinning your wheels. Learn about today’s executive job search best practices.

I will help you.

Get on the right path for successful executive job search.


Over my 25 years coaching executive job seekers and writing their personal marketing materials, I’ve learned the ins and outs of job search.

I know what works, and what doesn’t . . . the missteps that can sabotage your chances . . . the wrong-thinking that leads to a protracted job search.

I’ve helped hundreds of executives land the good-fit jobs they deserved.

And I’ve honed the information-mining process. I know what questions you need to ask yourself, to uncover the details about your value-offer that your target employers need to know about you.

I’m offering you the opportunity to pick my brain in a lively, interactive one-hour strategy session that will set you up to job search well.

We’ll customize the session to cover your particular roadblocks . . . the things holding you back, that you need help with. You’ll see more about this below.

With your purchase of the strategy session, you’ll receive my 3 popular ebooks:

1. “23 Ways You Sabotage Your Executive Job Search and How Your Brand Will Help You Land” . . . A practical guide to executive branding, marketing your ROI and navigating the new world of job search 

2. “20 Little-Known, Insider Tips to Accelerate Your Executive Job Search” − Secrets of executive job search success that I’ve learned, over my 25+ years as a career professional

3. “LinkedIn Secrets You Need To Know” − How to position yourself on LinkedIn for executive job search success

You’ll get a customized-for-you hour with an executive job search expert and 3 ebooks packed with job search tips and best practices

. . . but that’s not all!

There’s even more value with this offer.

I’m including all the moving parts of my integrated personal branding, online presence and executive job search readiness system.

The things I use to write powerhouse personal marketing content for my clients for their LinkedIn profiles, executive resumes, biographies, and other materials.

I’ve included my 4 proprietary content development worksheets − perfected over the years − that help my clients land great-fit new jobs:

  • Personal Branding Worksheet − to define and differentiate your good-fit qualities and qualifications.
  • Career Target Analysis Worksheet − to uncover target employer pain points and relevant keywords for personal SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Career History Worksheet − to help you dig deep for metrics and other details
  • Biography Worksheet − for the career brand stories that will help people connect better with your value-offer.

Use these worksheets to tweak your existing LinkedIn profile, executive resume, biography, etc. − if you’re happy with them and if they communicate your value well.

Or, use them to start from scratch and create brand-reinforcing content that will market your unique value proposition.

Here’s what a Chief Marketing Officer client of mine said:

“Meg’s process is structured and virtuoso and will help you to land an executive job quicker and with a lot less agony. I strongly recommend her services as they seamlessly helped me transfer from one executive challenge to the next.

Meg`s approach helped me to focus in a way I have not experienced it before. I was working on documents, positioning and mission statement much like a branding professional. Yet, this time I was the brand. Subsequently, she helped me with my mission, my values, and facilitated my pivotal strengths to unfold uniquely.

Meg was a master resume adviser to me, but this is only a short description of her canny talents. Meg is a maven when it comes to defining your digital presence. This is where Meg Guiseppi’s work is priceless.”

Read what others are saying . . .

There’s one more thing included with this strategy session − resources to pull it all together.

Although my “23 Ways” ebook will tell you most everything you need to create your job search materials, I’m also including an expansive list of resources on pulling it all together and doing the writing, once you complete the worksheets.

These resources will give you the competitive advantage.

But what if you don’t even want to attempt doing the writing yourself?

These worksheets and resources go far beyond what you’ll find elsewhere.

They’ll help you dig deep for gems and juicy tidbits about yourself that you probably wouldn’t think were important . . . but they are.

You’ll be able to provide whomever does the writing for you − you or someone else − the kind of information that will truly differentiate the unique value you offer.

You’ll uncover specifics that will position you as a good hiring choice for the employers you want to work for.

My worksheets, resources and, of course, the actual strategy session with me, will make you better prepared than your competitors to work with your writer . . . and better prepared to network and interview well, and land the job you deserve.

Why my integrated Personal Branding, Online Presence and Executive Job Search Readiness System works so well:


I’ve designed an integrated system that links the 3 critical components for executive job search readiness and success:

Targeting and Research – to narrow your search and know what information about you will hit home with specific target employers.

Personal Branding – helps you differentiate the unique value you offer those target employers, and know how to communicate that value.

Personal SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – to help you get found online and be more visible.

If you do the work − I mean really put in the time and complete these worksheets − you’ll gain:

  • Deep insight into your target employers’ needs.
  • A firm understanding of how you are uniquely qualified to help them meet their current challenges, and what makes you a good-fit candidate for them.
  • Confidence in your brand – what differentiates you and positions you above your job-seeking competitors.
  • The information you need to create personal marketing materials that differentiate you from your competitors.
  • The ability to market your unique promise of value and good-fit qualities when networking and interviewing for jobs.
  • The tools you’ll need to be successful in today’s daunting job search.

Here’s what a Senior IT executive had to say about my integrated system:

“The work I did through Meg’s personal branding and career targeting process had a powerful impact on me, and transformed the way I plan to move forward with my career and work life. I came to realize that I hadn’t paused over the past 15 years to think about my vision and purpose. Meg’s process opened my eyes and now I’ll take into account my personal hopes and dreams, as I plan the next chapters of my career.

I feel much better prepared and positioned for networking and landing a job I really want.”

Read what others are saying . . .

Why You Need This Customized-for-You Strategy Session

Every week you’re without a job is costing you $1,000s.

Every week you stay put in a job that doesn’t fulfill you is costing you emotionally and physiologically, and impacting your quality of life.

Until now, my clients would pay up to $7,200 to have access to these proprietary materials and my time.  These materials have only been available to my private coaching/writing client.

Now, with this new Get Started / Get Unstuck strategy session, you can be on your way to a new, fulfilling job for only $797 . . . and land that job faster.

Think about it.

If your salary is (or was) $500,000 a year, $797 is what you make (or made) in only about half a day.

If your salary is (or was) $300,000 a year, $797 is what you make (or made) in only about a day.

If your salary is (or was) $100,000 a year, $797 is what you make (or made) in only about 3 days.

$797 works out to only about $2 a day spread out over a year. That’s less than a cup of coffee.

Make the investment and effort NOW.

Get moving towards a job you deserve . . . and you’ll love.

Your investment for the customized-for-you Get Started / Get Unstuck strategy session – with my 3 popular ebooks and all the added proprietary materials and resources – is $797. *

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Here’s what a sales executive in integrated manufacturing had to say about working with me:

“The whole process has been enlightening and progressive. I have shared the whole concept and the specifics with a lot of friends, family, and colleagues. Meg, I could have a promising career as a salesperson for your business!!!”

Read what others are saying . . .

I want our strategy session to be optimally informative and valuable to you.

Spend some time thinking about the job search issues you have questions about and most want to discuss with me. Jot them down and email them to me beforehand. They will form the basis of our discussion, so you’ll need to be detailed.

These are some of the pressing questions I am often asked in the strategy session:

  • What is the best way to spend the limited time I have for job search?
  • What specifically do I need to do to land a job I want?
  • How can I improve my resume?
  • How important is LinkedIn? How should I be using it?
  • Why isn’t my LinkedIn profile working for me?
  • Do I really need to be visible online?
  • How can I improve my online presence?
  • What’s the deal with executive recruiters?

Again, here’s what’s included with the customized-for-you strategy session:

  • One hour to pick my brain about dealing with your job search challenges.
  • My 3 popular ebooks detailing executive job search best practices and using LinkedIn to your best advantage.
  • My 4 proprietary content development worksheets to write content that will make you sing.
  • An expansive list of resources to help you pull everything together to do the writing, along with instructions on completing the worksheets.

Here’s what a number of my clients said about working with me . . .


So, are you ready to do what it takes to get into a great-fit new gig?

Then take advantage of this opportunity to brainstorm with me in a “Get Started/Get Unstuck” job search readiness strategy session.*

This $797 investment will set you up to accelerate your executive job search, and help you land the good-fit job you deserve.

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NEXT STEPS for the “Get Unstuck/Get Started” strategy session:

1.  Purchase the strategy session via this web page.*

2.  With payment, you will automatically be sent my 3 ebooks, the 4 worksheets, and the list of resources with instructions on completing the worksheets, as noted above.

3.  Email me a few days and times when you’ll be available for an hour, between 9:30 am and 3:30 pm U.S. Eastern, Monday through Friday. (This, or any future strategy sessions/consultations, can only be scheduled during these hours so, before signing up, be sure this time frame will work for you.)

4.  Put together specific questions and topics you’d like to cover in our one-hour session. The session will be customized around them. Email me your questions and topics at least 2 days before our scheduled session.

Please note that I offer only a limited number of strategy sessions each week and my schedule fills up fast. Sign up soon. Don’t delay getting your job search on track any longer.

Meg Guiseppi

To your job search and career success!

Meg Guiseppi



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