How to Land, Brand and Ace Executive Job Interviews

by Meg Guiseppi on December 7, 2015


At this time of year many executives find themselves in, or put themselves into, a proactive job hunt.

Of course, this means job interviews are imminent. That is, if their job search strategy is working.

Most people would say that interviewing is stressful. One way to ease the anxiety, and perform better, is to put the time into preparing well.

I’ve pulled together several posts I’ve written on job interviewing to help you:

Before the Interview

⇒ Prepare to excel with market intelligence, personal branding and social proof.

Research your target employers, know and communicate your personal brand, and polish your online presence to showcase your good-fit qualities, and provide social proof for the claims you’ve made in your executive resume.

10 Best Ways to Get More Executive Job Interviews

⇒ Get ready to answer the dreaded “Tell me about yourself” query, and brand the interview.

How To Brand Your Executive Job Interviews to Land the Gig

At the Interview

⇒ Be confident and psyched. Let your enthusiasm rule the interview.

Power Pose to Ace Executive Job Interviews

⇒ Be mindful of your body language.

10 Executive Job Interview Body Language Mistakes

⇒ Don’t make any of these typical mistakes.

How to be a LOSER in Executive Job Interviews

⇒ Be prepared to answer the tough questions.

The Three Most Critical Executive Job Interview Questions

⇒ Bring with you the due diligence-driven questions you need to ask.

Executive Interview: What Questions Do YOU Ask?

⇒ Things didn’t work out? Strive to do better next time.

You Know You Flunked the Job Interview When…

⇒ And don’t forget to follow up every interview with thank you notes to each person you spoke with.

How Important Are Thank You Notes in Executive Job Search?


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