How to Use Twitter: Multiple Resources

by Meg Guiseppi on February 25, 2013

How to use Twitter

Over the weekend, I received a very flattering comment on my post, 14 Reasons I Won’t Follow You On Twitter [Revisited] from David Spencer, an alternative secondary school educator who has developed Education Paragon, a free educational portal for educators, parents and students.

In his comment, David said he had added my post to his Education Paragon Wiki pages. Naturally, I investigated, and found a wealth of resources on using Twitter.

Many of the posts and articles in his list relate to educators, but many others apply to anyone interested in Twitter, including another that I wrote, Social Media: Never on Sunday? Why you should disconnect for one whole day per week.

Here are just a few of his excellent, ever-expanding entries, by various Twitter folks:

  • Successful Writing Tips for Twitter Users, by Shannon Steffen
  • Create an online newspaper with your Twitter connections, by David Spencer
  • 8 Ways to Tweet “Thank You” and encourage your Twitter followers, by Brent Peterson
  • Social Media Marketing Kit, from
  • 20 useful tools for Twitter users, by Brian Lakeman
  • 30 Ways to Create Twitter Followers from Scratch by Katrina Padron
  • 6 Tricks to Maximize the Impact of Your Tweets by Ally Greer

. . . and several Help pages from Twitter itself:

  • Best Practices for Using Twitter
  • The Twitter Glossary
  • Finding & Following People on Twitter

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