How to Write, Brand and Use An Executive Resume

by Meg Guiseppi on July 29, 2013

Need help writing your c-suite or senior-level executive resume?

I’ve compiled some of the best posts I’ve written over the past 4 years about just that topic. Although my focus is on the top-level executives I work with, the strategies and advice here also apply to most job seekers, at most any level.

Starting with creating an all-inclusive “kitchen sink” resume, from which to draw specifics as you tweak your resume for target employers . . . through dealing with job search and resume challenges . . . I’ve covered many insider strategies you may not read about elsewhere.

As you’re gearing up your job search, spend some time prepping to write your resume by reading these posts:

How to Write and Use Your Executive Resume

The Kitchen Sink C-level Executive Resume

A kitchen sink executive resume is the repository for ALL your career experience, skills, achievements, metrics, and qualifications.

How to Write An Irresistible C-level Executive Resume in 10 Steps

Understand first what part your resume plays in the new world of executive job search.

Top 10 Executive Resume Branding Tips

Executive resumes have changed with the new world of job search. Do you know how?

The Biggest Executive Resume Writing Mistake

It may not be what you think, but making this mistake can sabotage your executive job search.

Does Your C-level Executive Resume Differentiate You?

Don’t make your executive resume the same as your competitors. Sameness won’t sell you. Differentiation will.

Executive Resume Branding: Differentiate Your ROI Value Above the Fold

Capture the attention of your target audience immediately and compel them to contact you.

How C-A-R Storytelling Gives Executive Resume Branding Zing

Storytelling is a powerful personal branding device for job search.

C-level Executive Resume Length: One, Two, or Three Pages?

Each situation is different. Determine what length is right for your target audience.

What NOT To Put in Your C-level Executive Resume

What to avoid to help you stay on track and cut down on information overload.

What a Personally Branded Executive Resume Does For You

Beyond landing interviews, an executive resume becomes an integral reference point for you and those assessing you.

10 Brand-Diluting Phrases That Weaken Your Resume (and LinkedIn Profile)

Non-specific, anemic phrases waste precious space and don’t help define the unique value you offer.

Executive Resume Challenges

I’m a CMO But I Need Help Writing My Executive Resume

Although they’re marketing experts, Chief Marketing Officers are sometimes not good at marketing themselves in their executive resumes.

10 Reasons Your Executive Resume Needs a Major Facelift

How to know if an executive resume update alone isn’t enough.

Will Employment Gaps Hurt My Executive Job Search?

Dealing with gaps on your resume and other career marketing communications.

President-CEO-COO Manufacturing Turnarounds Executive Resume Branding

The executive brand story and resume of an actual client of mine, Bruce Smythe, a pioneering leader in manufacturing revitalization and transformations.

CFO Executive Resume Employment Gap: Is Volunteering Really a Job?

Fill your executive resume employment gaps with volunteer work. Volunteering counts as work, whether you get paid or not.

Miscellaneous Executive Resume Strategies, Tips and Musings

Executive Resume Writers’ Best Kept Secret

You may be surprised. The secret is not that resume writing is easy, and anyone can do it.

4 Reasons You Can’t Write Your Own Executive Resume

Executive job search has changed over the past several years, and so have resumes, to keep pace with recruiters’ and hiring decision makers’ needs.

Job Search Fizzling? Maybe It’s Your Executive Resume

Could be time to revisit and revamp your executive resume. If it’s broke, fix it!

The World’s Best Executive Resume Is Not Enough

You also need to follow executive job search best practices, and back them up with social proof.

Is the Executive Resume Dead or Dying?

It’s not dead, and it’s not likely to disappear entirely. But it doesn’t look and read the way it did even a few years ago.

What’s Wrong with Copying an Executive Resume Sample?

For one thing, “using” published content is stealing and violates the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.


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