Is Google Plus Useful for Personal Branding and Executive Job Search?

by Meg Guiseppi on August 12, 2013

Google+ profile and personal branding


Many of the c-suite and senior-level executive job seekers I encounter are not familiar with Google+.

I suggest they create a Google+ profile, along with a LinkedIn profile, to form a base for online personal branding and building a diverse online presence.

Because they’ve often never heard of Google+, they don’t understand its value.

Read what digital marketing strategist Jon Parks, owner of Dijital Farm, had to say in a recent article at Marketing Pilgrim:

“One of the commonly cited benefits of being on Google Plus is the ability to impact organic search results (though I would argue there are many other benefits just as important). Public status updates on Google Plus are indexed by Google and can be displayed as part of organic search results through the Search Plus Your World (SPYW) feature.

This means that it is possible to get your content to rank organically for ultra-competitive search terms, at least as it relates to your social connections within Google Plus. And, since your Google Plus profile photo is displayed as part of the search engine listing, it increases the attractiveness of the listing and the likelihood that someone will click on that result. Few, if any, other social networks can provide that kind of benefit.”

My strategy for building personal branding and online visibility for my clients using a Google+ profile includes writing keyword-rich, biography-type content that is different from their resume and LinkedIn content.

A biography lends itself more to storytelling, making it easier to highlight personal attributes, and therefore communicate one’s personal brand better than a LinkedIn profile, which is typically resume-driven.

The idea is to continuously build more search results for “your name”, so that executive recruiters and hiring decision makers at your target companies will find plenty of diverse information about you, when they’re sourcing and vetting candidates.

People with more relevant search results are more attractive to them, than those who are invisible or have minimal presence in search results for their name.

Even if you don’t take advantage of the social networking aspect, Google+ provides a powerful platform to differentiate your thought leadership, areas of expertise, and value to your target employers over candidates competing against you.

It can become your homebase online if you don’t have a personal website – to which you direct links from your other online activity. People clicking on that link won’t need to log in to fully view your Google+ profile, as they have to do with LinkedIn.

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