Job Action Day: Create Opportunity In Your C-level Career

by Meg Guiseppi on November 1, 2010

Established in 2008 by, Job Action Day 2010 – a day of empowerment for job seekers and workers – falls on November 1st.

The annual event brings together career experts and bloggers to provide the most relevant advice to job-seekers and workers on how to create opportunity.

Today, or any day, take a break from the daily grind of job-hunting and look at the bigger picture of your career and job search strategies. Begin developing plans for future employment, and devise better ways to track down job leads and position yourself for employment opportunities.

Some points impacting the need for this job search initiative:

An increasing number of jobs are NOT full-time jobs with benefits.

Even as employers have been hiring again, a skills gap is starting to emerge, caused in part by workers taking on multiple functions when employers were downsizing. Employers now expect new hires to also have the skills to take on multiple functions.

Creative and innovative job-hunting strategies are needed in today’s job market to tap into opportunities:

  • Identifying employer needs/problems and proposing those employers create a job for you meet their needs;
  • Informational interviewing;
  • Specifically targeting employers;
  • Using their networks (including those on social media) more creatively and effectively;
  • Doing temp work with the hope of turning it into a permanent position;
  • Training for cutting-edge skills and future-focused jobs;
  • Considering entrepreneurship;
  • Increasing value in one’s current employment situation;
  • Fine-tuning personal branding; and
  • Going above and beyond to stand out in the job search.

→ To adapt to the new world of work, job-seekers and careerists must take a proactive approach to making a living. They cannot expect employers, the government, schools and other institutions to provide a secure livelihood. They must take action and personal responsibility.

If you’re actively job hunting, considering a career transition, or interested in improving your current job situation, dive into the wealth of information shared by the global community of careers experts.

Along with my article, Accelerate Executive Job Search With Personal Branding: A Personal Branding Worksheet, other contributions include:

  • Create Opportunity by Targeting Companies, Not Jobs, by Laura Levine Labovich
  • Creating Opportunity by Financing and Budgeting for a Career Reinvention, by Randi Bussin
  • Getting Paid What You Are Worth — Especially in Today’s Recession, by Don Orlando
  • Career Assessments: Tools for Lifetime Career Management, by Susan Guarneri
  • Are You a S.M.A.R.T. Worker? Five Compelling Career Strategies to Make You More Valuable, by Billie Sucher
  • The Proteus Solution: Surviving and Thriving in a Transformational Workplace, by Jay Block
  • Creating Opportunity in the Nonprofit Sector, by Heather Krasna

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