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by Meg Guiseppi on September 19, 2011

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In my continuing series of posts focusing on job search bloggers you should know about, I turned to my friend and colleague Jason Alba.

He has been on the scene since 2006 offering help through JibberJobber, a job search and career management tool, and several blogsites.

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A little background on Jason . . .

He designed JibberJobber during his first real job search early in 2006, a so-called “job seekers market”, when he discovered there was no practical tool to help job seekers manage and organize their job search. No longer a tool just to be used during one job search, Jason transformed JibberJobber into a tool to be used to manage job transitions during your entire career.

Jason is the author of I’m On LinkedIn – Now What??? and the LinkedIn for Job Seekers DVD.

As with the other experts, I asked Jason for his best job search advice:

“Stop wasting time. I wasted time in my job search, as do many people. Time wasting is masked by ‘I’m busy doing a job search,’ but really all we did was put a lot of time and effort into the easy stuff, which was not as effective as the hard stuff (like networking). You can’t hide behind job boards and LinkedIn and call it a job search, when you really don’t reach out to people. Do the hard stuff.

Also, consider other options. When I speak to executives in transition, I look out at the white hair and wrinkles and know they are scared to death about age discrimination. They should be. It’s real, and it’s rampant. It’s a shame, but it’s there.

Some of my audience will never, ever find a traditional job again. That really sucks, because it’s based on bias and stereotype, but what that means is you need to figure out a Plan B, or Plan C, or Plan Z. It might not seem as exciting or lucrative as your Plan A (corporate job), but it might end up being much more exciting and lucrative. And, you might end up with more ‘security’ than what a corporate job could ever offer you.”

Visit Jason’s I’m On LinkedIn – Now What??? blogsite for the latest LinkedIn information and advice.

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