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by Meg Guiseppi on October 21, 2010

Online Job Search Expert Susan P. Joyce has just released the Second Edition of her free Job-Hunt® 15-Minute Guide, Layoff Self-Defense, 7 Facts You Need to Know plus 7 Steps to Protect You and Your Income.

Packed with valuable information and advice for job seekers at every professional level – from entry level to c-level – this short e-book dispels the sentiment that it’s your fault if you’ve been laid off. Susan’s first of seven important facts is:

“Layoffs are not rational – who stays and who leaves is seldom related to job performance. More often, those laid off were in the wrong place (department, division, location, function, or “slot”) at the wrong time (expense-cutting time). Bad luck; not bad performance.”

In brief, the 7 steps she advises taking BEFORE you’re laid off:

1. Leverage LinkedIn, immediately.

2. Establish non-work channel contacts.

3. Increase your external face-to-face networking.

4. Do NOT job search from the office, including resume updates, email, and networking.

5. Expand your online presence – in a focused, professional, and managed way.

6. Focus on what you want your next job to be and who your preferred employers are.

7. Cut back your spending.

The ebook wraps with links to several good resources on Susan’s excellent website,, a top employment portal continuously rated “Best of the Web for Careers, Job Hunting, and Finding Work” by Forbes and US News and World Report.

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