Martin Yate’s New Strategies for First-Time Job Seekers

by Meg Guiseppi on May 13, 2013

Knock 'em Dead First-time Job SeekersThe eighth in Martin Yate’s Knock Em Dead series, Secrets & Strategies For First-Time Job Seekers focuses on job seekers entering the market for the first time.

He begins the book with “some little known facts about the world you face”:

  • You are at the beginning of what will likely be a fifty-year career.
  • The statistics say you will probably change jobs (not always by choice) about every four years.
  • You will probably have three or more distince careers over the span of your professional life.

These realities of the new world of work may be news to seasoned professionals as well.

His new approach walks readers through their first job search, providing a unique blueprint for smart career management strategies that will help them live the life they want.

Once again, he’s tapped into his “Braintrust” panel of career professionals – those he believes to be “some of the smartest career management minds we have in the profession today”.

I’m thrilled to be included among such esteemed colleagues as:

Mark Babbitt, Jacqui Barrett-Poindexter, Sultan Camp, Allison Cheston, Caroline Dowd-Higgins, Kate Duttro, Kevin Kermes, Sean Koppelman, Joyce Lain Kennedy, Roger Lear, Alexandra Levit, Kathryn Minshew, Hannah Morgan, Phyllis Mufson, Chris Perry, Amanda Pouchot, Lori Ruff, Josh Tolan, Tim Tyrell-Smith, Joshua Waldman, Denise Wilkerson, Leslie Zaikis

Two years ago I contributed to Martin’s “Knock ‘em Dead: Secrets & Strategies for Success in an Uncertain World“.

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