My Executive Branding and Job Search Ebook

by Meg Guiseppi on March 14, 2011

What an accomplished, gratifying feeling I have. I just finished my first ebook! 

After a lot of hard work, I’m thrilled to finally hold it virtually in my hands and launch it today.

23 Ways You Sabotage Your Executive Job Search and How Your Brand Will Help You Land . . . A practical guide to executive branding, marketing your ROI value and navigating the new world of job search

Why did I write this ebook?

In talks with job search experts, fellow career coaches and executive job-seekers over the past few years, it became abundantly clear to me that executives know very little about launching a successful job search campaign in these times.

Many have never really been in a job search before, or haven’t had to look for a job since everything changed several years ago.

Many of them easily moved from one job to another throughout their careers by being in demand by recruiters. They often were not actively job searching, but recruiters found them, offered them a great opportunity and they easily made a career move.  Many of them never even needed a resume or any career marketing materials.

Completely circumventing the job search process in this way happens less and less these days.

It’s no wonder executives who are suddenly thrust into job-hunting mode find the new world of search confusing and daunting.

That’s why I wrote my ebook – to help them navigate today’s challenging job search landscape.

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