One of My Favorite Blogging Strategies

by Meg Guiseppi on December 12, 2011


I love blogging – running with the germ of an idea, the writing itself, the research (when necessary), recalling older posts to refer to, even the actual mechanics of loading on the content, finding a graphic and hitting the “publish” button. There’s more geek in me than I ever realized until I started blogging and learning about SEO.

Although my ongoing blogging strategy is to focus content on my 14 blog categories (listed in the sidebar directly to your right here), I still run out of ideas that make me want to actually sit down and write.

One thing that keeps blogging interesting is getting pumped by something I read and building my own blog post around it. The inspiration can come from a news or business site, a magazine article, a book I’m reading, or many other things. Sometimes content I read on other sites prompts a nifty blog post title first, then the content all falls into place.

But maybe my favorite inspirations are other bloggers’ posts, or other bloggers themselves.

I like to showcase or link to their work, and I do it often. Over the past year, I designated separate posts to some of my favorite job search bloggers. You can see the list in my post about blogger Jason Alba of Jibber Jobber.

Jason returned the favor with a post on his blog showcasing me, Has the Job Search Changed?

Here’s why I love this strategy so much:

Of the millions of people actively blogging out there, there are so many people doing such a good job of posting content that is meaningful and worth reading. I typically only zero in on people writing about job search, personal branding and related topics, but I wander away from that, too.

In business networking, reciprocity is critical. If you want people to support you and evangelize your brand, you first (usually) have to get on their radar, support them and evangelize their brand.

Writing about another blogger or their writing builds community and encourages mutual brand evangelism.

The beauty part about writing a blog post that mentions and links to another blogger’s site or their content elsewhere is the satisfaction I derive from doing something nice for someone I admire and respect. It makes me happy. It makes them VERY happy to be singled out and spotlighted in this way.

Many colleagues in the careers and other industries have been kind enough to mention me in their blog posts. I can tell you that it not only made my day … It made my week. The goodwill you create with this simple strategy goes a long, long way. And, when I get writer’s block, this is a relatively easy kind of post to write.

If you’re on Twitter (and you really have to be if you’re blogging), don’t forget to send an @mention or direct message to that person to let them know you’ve written about them. They’ll be happy to support you with a retweet. Who knows? Your post could go viral and generate lots of traffic to your site.

Make someone’s day, or even week. Give this strategy a try.

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photo by Sean MacEntee

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1 Meg Guiseppi January 14, 2014 at 7:48 am

Raleigh, thanks for your comment.

You’ve reminded me that I should write one of these posts again soon. They’re truly enjoyable to do, and a great way to build community.

2 Raleigh Leslie January 12, 2014 at 11:51 pm

This is is a great simple strategy that is still working today. People love it when you highlight them. The ol’ ego stroke.

We have a lot of success ‘curating’ content on our blogs where we just highlight and elaborate on an existing piece of content. Encouraging conversations and discussion of the topic.

“reciprocity is critical.” Hits the nail on the head.

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