101 Top Holiday Job Search Tips from the Job-Hunt Experts

101 Holiday Job Search Tips

“Job search at the end of the year? Nothing happens until January. Things are dead in November and December. Everyone’s in holiday mode, so it’s a waste of time.”

You may truly believe this . . . Many people share the sentiment . . . But you’ve been misinformed.

The holiday season – from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Eve – is a GREAT time to land a job at a company you’re targeting.

Did you know that, according the U.S. Department of Labor:

→ More than 3 million jobs were OPEN in each of the months of October, November and December of 2011, and January of 2012?

More than 8,400,000 jobs were FILLED in November and December of 2011.

That’s more than double the jobs filled in January of 2012!

You see? People do land permanent, full-time jobs during the holidays.

The main reason the end of the year is a GREAT time to land a job is because so many potential holiday job hunters think it’s a BAD time.

They put things on hold until the New Year — the most highly populated job search time — leaving many year-end opportunities unclaimed . . . and available for you to swoop in and grab hold of.

To help you, Susan P. Joyce of Job-Hunt.org and I have written an Amazon Kindle book:

New Year, New Job! 101 Top Tips from the Job-Hunt Experts
for Your Holiday Job Search: How to Use the Holidays
to Advance Your Job Search

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The Job-Hunt Experts, career professionals who have “been there”, serve up advice to help you get a handle on, and succeed in, holiday job search.

In this book, the Job-Hunt Experts offer tips to overcome job search obstacles and succeed as you move through the various situations typical for holiday job search, from dealing with those awkward questions about your unemployment at holiday parties, to partying with purpose and using holiday cards to your best advantage.

They offer advice on strategies such as planning and researching your job search before you get started, to brushing up your brand, sending your resume, and leveraging LinkedIn and other social networks, to best practices for networking and job interviewing over the holiday season.

The kind of holiday job search help we offer in the book

  • Pre- Holiday Party Prep and Planning
  • Beat the Blahs
  • Cultivate an Attitude of Gratitude
  • Sharing Lifts Spirits and Expands Networks
  • Painless In-Person and Social Networking
  • Network Through Volunteering
  • Position Yourself to Be Found Online
  • A Time When Gifting May Be Appropriate and Helpful
  • Move Forward: Plan, Prepare and Follow Up
  • Why Temping May be a Good Option
  • Manage Health Limitations
  • Special Tips for Job-Seeking Veterans and College Students

Some of the tips in this book will take time to accomplish. Some can be done quite quickly, with very beneficial results. All of them will help you navigate and succeed in your job search over the holidays.

Many tips in the book apply to landing a job any time of year

For example, here’s a holiday tip contributed by Richard Bolles, who also wrote the preface to the book, that’s a best job search practice any time of year:

Be a “there you are” kind of person when you enter a room.

There are two kinds of people in this world:  those who walk into a room and say “Here I am!”  and those who walk into a room and say, “There you are!”  Determine this Christmas to be more of that second kind of person.  Example (for authors): when people come up to  you to ask you to sign their book,  turn the attention on them, rather than on yourself.  Ask them their (first) name, where they live (city, only), and then what work they are doing, or looking for.    Examples for other professions, abound!   Be a “there you are”  person.

A renowned job search and career expert, Dick inspired the establishment of the modern career counseling field with the most popular job-hunting book in the world, What Color Is Your Parachute? 10 million copies sold (rewritten annually).

And a tip I contributed to the book:

Raise online visibility to your target employers with a keyword-rich LinkedIn headline.

You’re already on LinkedIn catching up with your network and connecting with new people. Why not take a few moments to optimize your headline for search engines, so that recruiters and hiring decision makers looking for candidates like you are more likely to land on your profile. Use up as many of the 120 allowed characters as you can with the keywords and phrases those people will search on. A sales and marketing executive’s headline might read:

Global Sales & Marketing Executive – Strategic Account Management | Retail Management | P&L, Budget & Finance Management

What and who are the “Job-Hunt Experts”?

The 26 Job-Hunt Experts contributing tips to this Kindle book are genuine experts in their fields. Each one writes a monthly article in their area of expertise for Job-Hunt. The Experts included in this first Kindle book, and their specialties, are:

    • Jason Alba, LinkedIn for Job Search
    • Diane Hudson Burns, Veterans’ Job Search
    • Dr. Jan Cannon, Mid-Life Career Job Search
    • Laura DeCarlo, Job Interviewing
    • Kate Duttro, Careers for Academics
    • Parmelee Eastman, Company Research
    • Megan Fitzgerald, International Job Search
    • Wendy Gelberg, Job Search for Introverts
    • Don Goodman, IT (Informational Technology) Job Search
    • Meg Guiseppi, Personal Branding
    • Stephen Hinton, Green Industry Jobs
    • Rosalind Joffe, Chronic Illness and Job Search
    • Susan P. Joyce, Online Job Search
    • Laura Labovich, Fortune 500 Job Search
    • Jeff Lipschultz, Working With Recruiters
    • Carol McClelland, PhD, Green Jobs Job Search
    • Hannah Morgan, Job Search Navigation
    • Phyllis Mufson, Boomer Job Search
    • Camille Roberts, Federal Government Job Search
    • Nan S. Russell, Job Loss Recovery
    • Barbara Safani, Finance Industry Job Search
    • Miriam Salpeter, Social Media and Job Search
    • Laura Smith-Proulx, LinkedIn for Job Search
    • Harry Urschel, Job Search Mindset
    • Joshua Waldman, Social Media and Job Search
    • Daisy Wright, Canadian Job Search


And the best part . . .

The price is only 99 CENTS!!!

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Many valuable, trusted and free job search resources are in the book, too

  • Online Job Search Guide
  • Employer Directory with over 8,000 links by state of employer recruiting pages.
  • Directory of Employment Offices by State
  • FORTUNE 500 Companies by Rank
  • FORTUNE 500 Companies by State
  • Directory of over 1,100 National & International Professional Associations (for networking)
  • Directory of Local Networking and Job Search Support Groups
  • Directory of Job Boards & Job Search Resources
  • Many FREE, easy-to-download, job search ebooks written by the Job-Hunt experts

A little background on how this book came about . . .

I met Susan P. Joyce, the mastermind behind Job-Hunt.org and a pioneering online job search expert, about 6 years ago at a careers professionals’ roundtable. We instantly hit it off and I became Job-Hunt’s Personal Branding Expert, one of its very first Experts, soon after that.

Over the years, we’ve collaborated on a number of projects. Recently, we saw the need to put the word out to job seekers about using the holidays to edge out their competitors in the job market.

Given the right tools to prepare for and execute the success strategies particular to a holiday job search, we knew they could make significant strides in landing the jobs they wanted.

From the beginning of my association with Susan and Job-Hunt, it was clear that her first priority with Job-Hunt is to keep it a safe place to fall for job seekers highly susceptible to scams and other schemes. This ebook was conceived and created with the same care and consideration.

Remember . . .

The holiday job search book is only 99 CENTS!!!

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