360° Reach Personal Brand Assessment

360Reach Certification

“Your personal brand resides in the hearts and minds of those around you.”

Designed by Reach Personal Branding founder and branding guru William Arruda, 360° Reach is the world’s first and leading confidential, web-based personal branding assessment that collects anonymous 360-degree feedback in real time from family, friends, peers, managers, staff, employees, clients, and mentors.

Specifically, with the 360° Reach™ Premium Personal Brand Assessment process, respondents you choose complete a quick (takes only 10 minutes!) online survey to select attributes that describe you, indicate at which skills you excel, note your strengths and weaknesses, and share their opinions through projective exercises.

All the information is aggregated and analyzed, and a 20-page report is generated to help you understand what this information means and how it can help you in clarifying and communicating your personal brand to the world.

Soliciting feedback from the people who know your value proposition best provides a crystal clear picture of your reputation and how you are perceived externally. Get the real story through their anonymous responses. There’s no guesswork.

I’m a trained and Certified 360 Reach Brand Assessment Analyst.

I’ll help you through the process. First, I’ll set you up with your 45-day password to the 360° Reach Brand Assessment process and get you started on completing your own assessment, and then inviting respondents to complete their assessments.

Once your 20-page report is generated, we’ll schedule a 60-minute phone consultation to interpret results and begin strategizing brand positioning. Learn more about personal branding and the other services I offer.

360° Reach™ Premium Benefits:

  • 45 days of unlimited access to your 360°Reach account.
  • See your data sorted by ‘category of respondent’ (colleague, manager, friend/family, etc.).
  • Receive a detailed, customized report with data analysis.

Some 360° Reach™ Facts:

  • It was first launched in 2002.
  • Nearly a million people have used 360Reach to date.
  • Many of the world’s strongest brands have incorporated 360Reach into their talent development programs (Microsoft, JP Morgan, Cisco, American Express, Johnson & Johnson, Lockheed Martin, British Telecom, Starwood Hotels, etc.).
  • It is the first and leading assessment that is focused on unearthing an individual’s brand from the outside in.
  • 360 Reach has been used by CEOs, entrepreneurs, consultants, coaches and professionals at all levels.
  • Over 350 coaches, consultants, recruiters and HR executives have been certified to support clients through the assessment and help them turn learning into action.
  • It is an ideal tool to support job search, professional development, business development and personal growth.

For more information, see 360° Reach Answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).