Reach Certified Online Identity Strategist

Reach Personal Branding offers the Certified Online Identity Strategist program to people who have already earned the Reach Certified Personal Branding Strategist credential.

The 5-week training program bases building a powerful online reputation campaign on first defining one’s personal brand and creating the value proposition messaging for one’s online and offline personal brand communications plan.

By now it should be no surprise that, in business and job search, “your name” is being Googled as part of the hiring process. People with strong web presence are the ones who are noticed and chosen over those who have little or no presence online.

The Reach program teaches strategists to help their clients – job seekers, careerists, and entrepreneurs:

  • Analyze their baseline online identity and determine where improvements need to be made.
  • Develop a suite of brand identity communications.
  • Extend their brands online by leveraging social networking and social media — websites, blogs, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, video, social bookmarking, and much more.
  • Develop and maintain blogs and/or websites.
  • Implement the critical basics of search-engine optimization and marketing.
  • Choose and register the right domain name.
  • Remove or sweep “digital dirt” (reputation-damaging information) under the carpet.
  • Continuously monitor their online reputation.

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