Reach Social Branding Certification – The LinkedIn Training Program

Reach Certified Social Branding Analyst

I was thrilled to be among the first handful of strategists worldwide to earn the Reach Certified Social Branding Analyst credential, in the inaugural offering of this pioneering program.

Created in 2014, this certification program is 100% focused on LinkedIn. It gives practitioners like myself the tools to help executive job-seeking clients build stellar LinkedIn profiles and leverage all that LinkedIn has to offer to position them as thought leaders, expand and nurture their networks, and accelerate their job searches.

Reach Personal Branding is the global leader in personal branding, providing training and certification for executive job search strategists, coaches, and consultants.

In the intensive training program, I joined other elite global personal branding strategists who are eager to hone their craft, to keep their career and job search skills sharp.

As part of the program, each of us applied what we learned to improve and distinguish our own LinkedIn profiles. I took advantage of the many tips and secrets I learned to rebrand, revitalize, and maximize my profile.

Annual re-certification is required with this program. That means that all Reach Certified Social Branding Analysts will be up-to-date with LinkedIn’s ever-changing features and functions.

The strategies I’ve learned through this training – and my 7+ years as an active LinkedIn user – have given me the expertise to:

  • Brand and generate chemistry in your LinkedIn profile.
  • Position your ROI and unique promise of value to the employers you’re targeting.
  • Boost your profile’s SEO (search engine optimization), so your profile will land higher in LinkedIn search results.
  • Coach you to network your way to your next great-fit gig on LinkedIn, expand your brand community, and reach your career goals.

Having trouble integrating your personal brand with your LinkedIn profile for executive job search, and positioning yourself as a great-fit candidate?

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