Storytelling for Executive Job Search Success

by Meg Guiseppi on November 3, 2014

Seven years ago Quintessential Careers, a leading online career site, innovated Job Action Day to help all job-seekers and workers take stock of their situations, and make plans and/or take action steps to improve their careers.

Executive Job Search SuccessThis year, celebrated on November 3rd, Job Action Day is all about empowering job seekers to use storytelling for career success.

Dr. Randall Hansen, publisher and CEO of Quintessential Careers, said that storytelling in job search is a powerful tool “Because people remember stories. That’s why job-seekers need a consistent narrative, backed by accomplishment stories.”

He believes that many job seekers either present an inconsistent message or bore hiring managers with a litany of facts and figures.

On the other hand, when they tell stories to illuminate top contributions and achievements, their unique value is more apparent than competitors who don’t employ storytelling. They become more memorable as candidates, as they network and interview for jobs.

My contribution to Job Action Day this year is What’s Your Career Brand Story? Other topics covered include:

  • Tips for Using Storytelling to Strengthen Your Job-Search
  • Tell Your Career Story to Connect You; Cut Through the Clutter
  • Creating Interview Stories
  • Five Keys to Developing Your Personal Brand Story
  • Storytelling on a Resume: A Recruiter’s Perspective
  • Creating Interview Stories
  • Every Resume Tells a Story
  • 3 Steps to Storytelling Success in Your Job Search
  • Tell Your Story: For Job, Promotion, Business Success

Check in with all the doings on Job Action Day, and jumpstart your job search!

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