Surprise Someone with a LinkedIn Recommendation

by Meg Guiseppi on June 13, 2011

Twice earlier this year I opened my email inbox to unexpected LinkedIn recommendations awaiting my approval or revisions. What a thrill! Two lovely testimonials from colleagues in support of me and my work. Needless to say, their kindness made my day.

Conversely, I’ve done the same for others. Before I got my surprises, I did so for two colleagues, at different times. They had both helped me and been extremely generous with their time. I WANTED to recommend them, to help them in this small way.

Reaching out to someone whose work you know and for whom you can write a statement that will resonate with their target audience — whether they’re in job search or doing business — is a thoughtful way to support them. It’s also just about the best way to prompt them to reciprocate with a strong recommendation for you.

And, there are two other selfish benefits to writing LinkedIn recommendations:

  • Each one that’s approved and posted includes a link to your profile, which you can bet plenty of people are following to view and assess you.
  • Your LinkedIn network gets an update about it, helping to keep you top of mind with them.

But to me, it’s the surprise factor and doing something nice for someone you admire without being asked, that really make this a beneficial practice.

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