Surviving and Thriving Through a Layoff

by Meg Guiseppi on August 12, 2010

The job market may be slowly bouncing back, but layoffs still hover over many c-level and senior executives.

Some of my clients who are layoff casualties (or about to be) saw the writing on the wall and began preparing in advance.

Some are financially and emotionally prepared to move on, some aren’t.

Given the fact that very few jobs today seem to be secure or permanent, it makes sense to investigate what’s involved in navigating a layoff, whether or not it’s happened to you.

A good starting point is my post over at Executive Resume Branding, 9 Ways To Move Forward After a Layoff.

And job search expert Alison Doyle (@AlisonDoyle on Twitter) of has compiled a very helpful guide “How to Survive a Layoff” with several experts offering advice, including:

Preparing for a Layoff – What You Can Do Before a Layoff Hits, with articles covering:

  • Keeping your network alive
  • Having your resume ready
  • Sharpening your skills
  • Taking time for yourself
  • Thinking about a career change

Layoff Warning Signs, including

  • Hiring freezes
  • Layoff rumors
  • Shifting workloads
  • Corporate consultants
  • External smoke signals
  • Elimination of perks and programs
  • Closed door meetings
  • Corporate cost-cutting

Job Loss Checklist

  • How to file for unemployment
  • Employment benefits
  • How to handle a termination
  • Health Insurance (COBRA)
  • References
  • Start a job search

Five Things Not to Do When You Leave Your Job

1. Don’t tell off your boss and co-workers, even if you think they deserve it.

2. Don’t damage company property or steal something.

3. Don’t forget to ask for a reference.

4. Don’t badmouth your employer or any of your co-workers to your replacement.

5. Don’t badmouth your employer to a prospective employer when you go on a job interview.

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