The Good and Bad About Professional Executive Resume Writers

by Meg Guiseppi on November 22, 2009

Some top-level executives I speak with are still surprised to learn that there is such a thing as a “professional resume writer”.

We’ve been around for many, many years. But, as with any professional group or industry, we have disreputable and untalented people in our midst.

How can you be sure you’ve chosen the right resume writer and career strategist to work with? 

As a top-tier executive, you’re probably in the habit of sourcing and hiring the best people to get the job done.

The best resume professionals know how to develop a personalized strategy so each client’s value proposition message will resonate with their target audience. Among many things, they:

♦  Ask their clients the right questions to uncover the compelling information that defines their career distinction.

♦  Brand and differentiate their clients’ unique promise of value to their next employer.

♦  Incorporate the right key words, relevant to each clients’ target job, but still craft resumes that are an interesting read.


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