The Inside Story on Working With Executive Recruiters

by Meg Guiseppi on October 14, 2010

Last year I did a Q&A with a blogging and Twitter friend, Jeff Lipschultz (@JLipschultz on Twitter), founding partner of A-List Solutions, a premier recruiting firm in Dallas-Fort Worth. He has hired engineers, IT and finance professionals, sales reps, technicians, Six Sigma and Lean experts, and managers of many talents.

Here’s a taste of our conversation:

What do you feel are the greatest misconceptions job seekers have about recruiters and working with them?

The number one misconception is candidates think if they get a resume into a recruiters hands, he/she will instantly land a new job. The reality is “timing is everything.” If the right job is available and you’re the top candidate, you may get the job. In most cases, it is better to be passively looking and let the recruiter come back to you when the right job surfaces for you.

How important do you feel personal branding is in executive resumes and bios, and job search in general?

Personal branding is becoming a standard for job seekers, but also for those looking to progress in their own company. Doesn’t everyone want the local “rock star” on their team—it is a competitive advantage, right? I know of a recent promotion of a colleague of mine who made it clear he was an expert in his field and the company leveraged his talents by giving him more opportunity to execute on his expertise. For job seekers, you want to be known in your community. You want your name to be synonymous with your specialty. You want recruiters (and opportunities) to find you, and not have to go and find them.

How do you source the candidates you work with? Do you use LinkedIn and other social networks heavily?

I use every networking avenue available to me and this does include all the Social Media networks like LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. However, many times, these tools lead to a person who may know another person who might be a fit. I talk to as many people as I can to extend my network as far as possible. Sometimes, this includes networking with other recruiters. I do leverage job boards, too. The Internet offers many ways to find people with the background required for many jobs.

Check out the full post at Executive Resume Branding, Working With Executive Recruiters: Interview with Jeff Lipschultz.

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