Tim Tyrell-Smith’s New Book: 30 Ideas of Successful Job Search

by Meg Guiseppi on January 6, 2011

Tim Tyrell-Smith has just released his book, “30 Ideas. The Ideas of Successful Job Search”. Written as “advice to a friend”, the book is loaded with easily digestible and actionable tips for today’s job search, from the perspective of a job seeker.

A 22-year veteran marketing executive, former job seeker, and current leading, respected voice in career-related social media with his acclaimed TimsStrategy blog, Tim’s colloquial writing style is upbeat and even comforting.

He walks you through the ups and downs of job search with a smile. Even his chapter titles are fun and engaging . . . not the typically dry approach often seen in how-to books:

  • Job Search Strategy: Are You The Tortoise Or The Hare?
  • I Can’t Be Out Of Leads…I Still Have Resumes Left!
  • Landing Is For Pilots, Not Job Seekers
  • Out Of Work! Lucky You
  • The Power Of Music During Job Search
  • Hey, Mr. Life Of The Party. Shouldn’t You Be Networking?
  • 8 Ways To Scare Employers Away. Is This You?

Here’s just a hint of the advice Tim offers. In the chapter, “How Irrational Fears Prevent You From Maximizing Job Search Potential”, he points out some of the negative thoughts that may be holding you back, and how to change your mindset:

It seems like everyone else is getting interviews but me.

Unless you have a real problem, you are probably getting about the same number of interviews as the average job seeker. Stop focusing on “how many” and start focusing on getting the right ones. It only takes one.

It has been a week since my interview. I must have done something wrong.

Usually not the case. It may be true that you were not the best fit for that particular job. A decision that, once made, may actually be a positive for you. Maybe they saw the poor fit that you didn’t! It could also be that the company has other important things to do (like running the company). If they like you, they will call. If they don’t call? Move on.

50 resumes sent out and not one phone call.

Resume blasting is a low percentage effort. It is the least effective way to make yourself known to hiring managers. If you decide to do it, manage your expectations and your reaction if it does not deliver a call.

If you want to tackle your job search head-on, learn from someone who’s been there, and maybe even feel good about job-hunting, get Tim’s book and get moving.

To connect with Tim, other job search experts and other job seekers, join his excellent LinkedIn Group, Tim’s Strategy – Ideas For Job Search, Career And Life. Follow Tim on Twitter – @TimsStrategy

Order Tim’s book here and use the code CSQJRPYC for the discounted price of $10 (Amazon list is 15.95).

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