Tom Peters’ Personal Branding Advice for the New World of Work

by Meg Guiseppi on November 11, 2010

Tom Peters (@tom_peters on Twitter), the modern business management guru credited with coining the term “personal branding”, released a teaser of his latest book The Little Big Things: 163 Ways to Pursue EXCELLENCE.

The free compressed 78-page version is a powerhouse in itself. Two gems that particularly struck me:

#21 SELF

You are Your Product—Develop It.

All you have for sure is your … attitude. So: Work on it, including, yes, your smile (the smile/warmth was a huge part of Nelson Mandela’s success); and shape it. Why:

Energy begets energy.
Wow begets Wow.
Optimism begets Optimism.
Honesty begets honesty.
Caring begets caring.
Listening begets engagement.

Message: LBUAA — Leadership By Unilateral Attitude Adjustment.


I Second That Emotion! Ever heard a success story featuring a

…dispassionate symphony conductor?
…bored painter?
…apathetic self-made billionaire?
…9 to 5 entrepreneur?

Acknowledge emotion.
Hire for emotion.
Evaluate for emotion.
Promote for emotion.
Lead by emotion.
(Follow by emotion.)
“Sell” emotion.

Check out the other free stuff Tom offers on his blogsite.

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