Toxic Executive Job Search Beliefs: I don’t need an online presence

by Meg Guiseppi on January 5, 2015

Executive job search is looming imminently in front of you, or you’re already deeply mired in one.

You’ve heard that social networking and online presence are important, but they’re just not for you.

online presence and executive job search

Is this what you’re thinking?

“I don’t have time for social networks and I don’t like the idea of putting myself ‘out there’ online. So I won’t.”

Ignoring online presence and social networks when you’re job-hunting is a big mistake. If you’re not visible and at least somewhat active online, you may never be found by the very people you need to be smack dab in front of.

Executive recruiters and your target employers’ hiring decision makers have new, Internet-driven strategies to source and assess candidates. Most turn to LinkedIn first, and then other online platforms, to find and assess candidates based on what exists about them online. They’re looking for social proof supporting the claims made in candidate’s career documents (resume, biography, etc.) and when networking.

If Googling “your name” yields little to no search results, you’ll likely be passed over for someone who has a vibrant, diverse online footprint.

Just to keep pace with your competitors, you need a complete, value-driven LinkedIn profile, and a good set of page one search engine results for your name. Here are just a few ways to accomplish that:

  • Get busy on social networks (LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, Facebook, etc.).
  • Set up an Amazon profile and write book reviews.
  • Publish articles online.
  • Comment on relevant blogs.
  • Contribute posts to relevant blogs.

And you need to self-Google regularly to monitor results and be sure your online reputation remains spotless. You’re not the only one who can create online content about you. When digital dirt about you shows up, you’ll need to do your best to either get it taken down, or pushed lower down in search results for your name, so it’s less visible.

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