Toxic Executive Job Search Beliefs: I can skip networking

by Meg Guiseppi on February 9, 2015

Your executive job search seems to be going nowhere.

You probably should be networking more, but it’s a challenge for you.

executive job search networking

Is this what you’re thinking?

“I’m terrible at networking. I hate asking people for favors. I’ll skip that part.”

Too many of the executive job seekers I speak with have neglected their network for years, while they were securely employed. They didn’t think they needed these people. Then, they’re suddenly thrown into a job search and have to scramble to build back up their network.

We should all approach career management knowing that no job is permanent. We need to actively nurture our networks throughout our careers, whether employed or not.

Without networking, you can’t get to the hiring decision makers at your target companies, leading you into the “hidden job market”:

  • Jobs created to accommodate specific candidates, once they connected with and had dialog with companies’ hiring decision makers.
  • Existing positions in which an incumbent is replaced when someone better comes along.
  • An open slot, waiting to be filled, that isn’t advertised outside the company. Only internal people know about it.
  • Jobs that, for whatever reason, are not advertised or visible, and can only be uncovered and accessed through networking.

The perfect job for you may never be posted anywhere! It may only exist in the hidden job market.

So there’s no getting around the fact that networking gets the job. For shy or nervous networkers, remember the first rule of networking – give to get. Typically it’s easier to reach out to people when you’re offering them some help. You should then feel more comfortable asking them for a favor.

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