Twitter Do, Twitter Don’t. If You’re Going to Re-tweet, Do it Right!

by Meg Guiseppi on November 22, 2009

I love Twitter. I’ve connected with some amazing people, built evangelism for my brand, generated some buzz around my business, and yes, had fun doing it!

Not much for chit-chatting in my tweets, I’ve developed a solid strategic plan to best leverage Twitter for my personal branding and business marketing needs.

One of my favorite strategies is “give to get” re-tweeting. These methods can help you build out your network and accelerate your job search.

Here’s just a sampling:

♦  Structure your original tweets so they’re short enough to allow for more than one re-tweet without alteration.

♦  Take the time to tweet a thank you to people who RT you, even if you’re not the tweet originator.

♦  If you have the time to track down the original author of the article or post you’re re-tweeting, give them attribution with an @username.


Read my full list of tips at my Executive Resume Branding blog in my post, Twitter Personal Branding Strategy — The Beauty of a Re-Tweet . . .


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