Twitter Help and Strategies for Executive Job Search and Personal Branding

by Meg Guiseppi on December 6, 2010

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Thinking about diving into Twitter, but you don’t think you have the time, or you don’t think it’s worth spending any time on? Maybe you’re a little afraid of it, if you’re not at all social media savvy.

You certainly don’t need to spend a lot of time on Twitter to gain benefits, and, once you get the hang of it, it’s not difficult to use.

I love Twitter. I took to it from the very start, and especially like the way it helps me gain more exposure for my blog posts and extends my brand and ROI value across multiple channels.

I’ve written several posts about Twitter here on Executive Career Brand and my other blog, Executive Resume Branding, since I started tweeting about two years ago.

Here are some that should be helpful:

Twitter Turbocharges Executive Job Search and Personal Brand Visibility

A fairly thorough how-to guide, written before the new Twitter came out, but still very useful.

Twitter Personal Branding Strategy — The Beauty of a Re-Tweet

A number of good tips, some not widely used, on retweeting well.

Does Your Twitter Bio Pack an Executive Brand Punch?

Twitter allows you just 160 characters in your bio to tell the world who you are. How to carefully craft what you put there to resonate with the people you want to attract.

Twitter Personal Branding and Executive Job Search Guide

A long list of good blog posts about using Twitter for job search, who to follow, how to get started, Twitter etiquette and other things by a number of experts.

10 Ways I Use Twitter to Build My Personal Brand

The strategies I use are ones I advise my c-level executive clients will also work for their job-hunting and career management efforts.

14 Reasons I Won’t Follow You On Twitter

An extremely popular post, with more than 60 comments and 350 retweets, it’s been neat watching the sudden surge of retweets that seem to come every month or so, with people passing it around to each other, and adding comments.

14 Reasons I Won’t Follow You On Twitter [Revisited]

My follow-up to the original, four months later, with some new thoughts on my ever-changing “who to follow” strategy. This one has become almost as popular as the first one.

Blogging and Twitter: How Tweet It Is!

If you’re blogging – on your own blog and/or guest blogging elsewhere – you really should tweet your blog posts. This post covers some of the ways I integrate tweets with blogging.

5 Ways Twitter-savvy CEOs Build Brand Evangelism

One of the 5 things the best CEO tweeters embrace, according to a Mashable post by Bruce Philip – they don’t sell – they share:

“Twitter isn’t advertising, it’s a conversation.” CEOs should engage and ignite conversation, sharing things about their company’s corporate culture, their own leadership values, and the team of people who make the company great. “Each tweet should be a window into the life of the company behind the marketing, which will make the marketing stronger as a result.”

From Twitter-Resistant to Instantly Hooked

The very first one I wrote, after I’d been tweeting for a few months.

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