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by Meg Guiseppi on May 21, 2012

Twitter for Executive Job SearchHow would you like to get free advice from job search experts . . .

On topics ranging from personal branding, targeting and working with executive recruiters, to best job networking and interviewing strategies, and so much more . . .

In short, sweet tweets?

Career Directors International (CDI), a premier professional association for those of us in the careers industry, has tapped members to join in the crowd-sourced Twitter Supercharger campaign, to “Supercharge Your Job Search”.

Many of us who are active on Twitter have submitted “best of” content to be tweeted from May 23 through early November. All the tips will be compiled and published in a free ebook, which will be available in November.

To follow the tweets, check the hashtag #cdisst (tweets are already showing up in the hashtag stream), or go to the Twitter account of Laura DiCarlo, CDI’s Executive Director, @careerhero.

Tweets will fall into one of the following 9 categories:

1. Job Search Focus

Includes career assessments (formal and informal), personal branding, informational interviews (for career focus), job shadowing, mentor relationships, internship, or volunteering.

Hashtags: #assessments, #infointerview, #mentoring, #personalbranding, #volunteer, #interning

2. Finding Jobs: Research of Targeted Organizations (Private, Non-profit, Government), Industries & Individuals

Includes informational interviews, direct to company websites, social search sites (e.g. LinkedIn, YouTube), online business directories, job boards, professional associations.

Hashtags: #jobboards, #companyresearch, #industryresearch, #infointerview, #socialsearch

3. Finding Jobs: Networking

The Who, Why, Where and How of networking including in-person, online, groups / clubs and associations, social networks, company research, interviewer/people research, relationship building strategies, personal branding, and online identity management.

Hashtags: #networking, #referrals, #jobleads, #personalbranding, #onlineid

4. Finding Jobs: Job Boards & Website Job Centers

Includes applying for jobs, identifying industry trends and opportunities, specific and niche job board suggestions, job board tools, mobile and social tools.

Hashtags: #nichejobboards, #industrytrends, #mobilejobsearch, #socialjobsearch, #jobsearch

5. Finding Jobs: Career Fairs

Includes identifying beneficial fairs to attend; using personal branding; applying appropriate presentation and wardrobe; leveraging unique, memorable, and successful ways to connect with employers; savvy follow up strategies.

Hashtags: #jobfairs, #personalbranding, #jobsearch, #companyresearch, #networking

6. Finding Jobs: Direct Sourcing by Recruiters & Employers

Includes capitalizing on reputation management and dealing with digital dirt; personal branding; using social search sites (e.g. LinkedIn, YouTube, Twitter, etc.), professional association websites, and other websites/tools; and various other offline methods.

Hashtags: #directsourcing, #recruiters, #reputationmgmt, #socialjobsearch, #digitaldirt

7. Finding Jobs: Temporary to Permanent Hiring

Includes how to select and work with agencies, and strategies to position yourself to standout and make the transition to permanent hire.

Hashtags: #temp2perm, #temphiring, #jobagencies, #employmentagencies

8. Finding Jobs: Print Advertising (Want Ads)

Includes creating documentation to stand out from the many applicants, understanding blind ads, understanding voicemail response systems, and identifying valuable ad resources such as newspapers and professional trade magazines.

Hashtags: #wantads, #jobads

9. Finding Jobs: Walk-Ins

Includes creating a plan of action which includes goals and logistics; personal branding and elevator speech development; personal presentation and wardrobe; unique, memorable, and successful ways to connect with employers; and savvy follow up strategies.

Hashtags: #jobsearch, #elevatorspeech, #personalbranding, #interviewattire, #ftfjobsearch. NOTE: Do not use #walkins as it is related to a completely different topic.

I’ll post some of my favorite tips here as they hit Twitter over the next several months. So stay tuned!

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