Update Your C-Suite Executive Resume This Month

by Meg Guiseppi on September 9, 2013

Update Your Executive Resume

Are you like many c-suite executives contemplating a career move?

You’ve been toying with the idea for months. You’ve seen the writing on the wall at your company – heads are rolling – or you’ve been dissatisfied with your career progression, or lack of it.

Then summer came and you easily put off the idea of diving headlong into job search.

Now it’s September . . . a time of year when people traditionally start, or get back into, job search in earnest.

To give you that extra push, it’s the 13th annual “International Update Your Resume Month”.

Career Directors International, a professional association I’ve belonged to for years, began this event to remind job seekers that they need to have an updated, targeted resume at-the-ready.

You never know when a layoff may hit you, or when a golden opportunity may suddenly fall in your lap. Having your resume ready to send can give you the competitive advantage over those scrambling at the last minute to write their resume.

It’s time to get serious about moving forward and:

  • Identifying employers to target for jobs,
  • Defining your personal brand and unique value to those target employers, and
  • Getting your resume updated to position yourself as a good-fit for their current challenges and needs.

Once you get these essentials under your belt, you’ll be prepared to differentiate and clearly communicate your value, as you network and interview . . . and land your next great gig.

You may be one of those savvy c-suite executives who knows how to pull all the pieces together to write and design a resume that will position you to your best advantage and “sell” you as the best hiring choice for your target employers.

But, if you’re like most executive job seekers, you don’t know how to write a value-driven, brand-reinforcing resume for the digital age.

I can help. Take a few moments to read about the personal branding and executive job search services I offer and, if you’re interested in working with me, contact me.

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1 Meg Guiseppi September 10, 2013 at 8:10 am

Steve, you’re absolutely right. I should have gone a little further with the post and included updating your LinkedIn profile and other career marketing materials — off-line and online.

The resume is NOT dead, but it needs to be supported by an on-brand online presence and additional brand-reinforcing documents (biography, covering letters/emails, etc.).

Thank you for your valuable comment!

2 stephen q shannon September 10, 2013 at 7:00 am

Meg, To quote another icon, I think we both admire, Seth Godin, in honor of International Update Your Resume Month, “you [C-suite person] are your resume”. Everywhere you are, how often you have your hair “attended to”, how you walk, how you treat others (especially live server persons), there’s opportunity to update “your resume” and your live living presence and profile on LinkedIn. I am not saying the resume is dead as we now see articulated more and more…I am saying from my perspective (I don’t sell or write resumes) it’s more about updating your resume “platform” and how your pipeline is configured to ensure every doc you “publish” is tailored to every set of eyes after you know, really know, what the brain connected to those eyeballs wants to know about you, the resume owner. True or true? Where are Seth, and now me, going wrong on this?

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