Updated for 2016 – 101+ Top Holiday Job Search Tips eBook

by Meg Guiseppi on November 18, 2015

Yes, the holidays are one of the BEST times to land a job, or make strides toward landing first thing in the New Year . . . mostly because so many job seekers think it’s one of the WORST times.

They put things on hold until the New Year, leaving many year-end opportunities unclaimed . . . and available for you to swoop in and grab.

If you job hunt during the holiday season, you’ll have much less competition.

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Guide To Help You Land a Job During the Holidays

A few years ago, online job search guru and publisher of Job-Hunt.org Susan P. Joyce, and I created a Kindle ebook loaded with juicy tips from the Job-Hunt Experts, to help you navigate a job search over the holiday season.

We’ve just finished the second edition, updating the ebook for 2016, and adding more than a dozen new, helpful tips from the Experts.

. . . And the ebook is now FREE !!!

How to Get Your FREE COPY of the Ebook

Download the PDF version of the ebook for FREE.

Download the Amazon Kindle version of the ebook for FREE (if you see a price of 99 cents on the Amazon page, come back again and check to see when the free version is available. We’re in the process of uploading it to Amazon. Be patient. By sometime around Thanksgiving Day, 2015, it will be available for free, forever.)

What is Job-Hunt.org and Who Are the Job-Hunt Experts?

Described by Reader’s Digest as “vacuum-packed with solid advice,” Job-Hunt.org offers thousands of pages of resources and information for job seekers trying to succeed in this tough job market, and trying to learn how to navigate through this new 21st Century technology.

More than 1,200 original articles by Job-Hunt’s Experts have been published on Job-Hunt. These people are genuine experts in their fields. Each Expert writes monthly articles in their area of expertise – columns on Job-Hunt that cover topics ranging from personal branding, personal SEO, using LinkedIn and other social media for job search to working with recruiters and having the best resume possible. Job-Hunt Experts also cover “niche” topics like IT Job Search, Job Search for Introverts, Job Search for Veterans, and International Job Search.

About 8 years ago, Susan asked me to be Job-Hunt’s Personal Branding Expert. Since then I’ve written more than 35 articles for Job-Hunt about various aspects of personal branding and job search.

Among the 50+ current and former Job-Hunt Experts, 27 contributed the 101+ tips for this book. One of the new tips is from executive recruiter Jeff Lipschultz, Job-Hunt’s Working With Recruiters Expert:

Don’t be generic when LinkingIn.
There are many ways to send invitations to connect on LinkedIn to those you know. There are also ways to reach out to those you may not know, but have many friends/colleagues in common. For those professionals, LinkedIn suggests “People You May Know.” Keep in mind, if you just click a connect button, LinkedIn sends an invite on your behalf that simply says, “Hi Jeff, I’d like to connect with you on LinkedIn.” If this is someone you don’t really know (or it’s been a long time since seeing them in person), the person receiving this invite might not accept it. Your better approach is to create your own invite and add your own note on why you’d like to network with them and/or how you know them.

Read more about the Kindle ebook.

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