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What Meg’s clients had to say about working with her:

  • “The work I did through Meg’s personal branding and career targeting process had a powerful impact on me, and transformed the way I plan to move forward with my career and work life. I came to realize that I hadn’t paused over the past 15 years to think about my vision and purpose. Meg’s process opened my eyes and now I’ll take into account my personal hopes and dreams, as I plan the next chapters of my career. I feel much better prepared and positioned for networking and landing a job I really want.”
    Senior Information Technology Executive
  • “Even though I have spent decades helping organizations build their brands, I was stumped when it came to building my own personal brand. Meg helped me crack the code quickly and showed me that I had all of the tools at my fingertips. She helped me strategize and organize my strengths into a brand identity that truly communicates what I want potential CEOs to see in me. Writing is clearly among her top 3 strengths – colorful and captivating copy resulting in immediate increased attention on my LinkedIn profile from c-suite executives and career recruiters.”
    C-suite Executive in Global Healthcare Marketing and Strategic Communications
  • “Meg has a wealth of knowledge and tremendous insight to set the right tone and content to best present your experience and capabilities to others. She has been a tremendous help to me and is a patient positive teacher, helping to bring me more up to speed with today’s market place workings.”
    Senior Project Manager, Real Estate Development
  • "Meg, the work you did was outstanding You really, really did a great job. I know I’ll reap a lot of benefits from it. You walked me through your excellent process. It’s amazing how you put it all together to tell my story. You positioned me so well. It was money well spent. In fact, I got more value than I ever expected for the investment."
    C-suite Change Management Executive in Transportation
  • “Expecting to land a great opportunity with just a resume with prior job experiences is like taking a rowboat to the moon. Put the oars down. Meg’s personal branding strategy is the rocket ship that will actually get you where you want to go.”
    Chief Strategy Officer

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